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Homeschool Affiliate & Co-Op Program - Partners By Grace

The Grace Academy is proud to announce an opportunity for Christian ministries, churches, missionaries, and Christian co-ops to grow their ministries while providing area families with a Christian alternative to the public school. With our Partners By Grace program, your ministry can point families in the right direction by becoming an homeschooling affiliate or forming a homeschooling co-op.

Today's public schools are hotbeds of anti-God thinking, left-wing propaganda, moral relativism, and a myriad of other influences to which most parents would never knowingly expose their children. To respond to the demand for a Christian alternative, many churches have launched private schools. While meeting a great need, these schools can be extremely costly to get off the ground and maintain year after year.

That's why we're offering a special opportunity to ministries and homeschooling organizations. By becoming a Partner By Grace, you will be able to offer a Christian education to families without going into debt or passing around a special offering plate.

Here's how Partners By Grace works:

By utilizing our state-of-the-art online homeschooling curriculum, you can provide a Kingdom Education to area families and get a share of each student's tuition. At no startup cost, you can provide a wonderful learning experience for children while simultaneously growing your own ministry. It's an excellent secondary source of income. Children receive a Bible-based education, Parents receive a low-cost education alternative, and you receive a tuition share of each homeschooling student you point in our direction. Everyone involved wins. There are no startup fees or initial costs.

If you're a small and ambitious group of homeschooling moms or a megachurch that wants to launch a school in your basement, becoming a Partner can be a tremendous source of revenue. We are excited to talk with you about meeting your educational needs. Email us for more information.

Partners By Grace Homeschool Options

Partners By Grace Homeschooling Affiliate

By becoming an affiliate, you'll act as a loudspeaker. You'll spread the word about our online academies. In exchange for informing parents about our curriculum, you'll receive a generous share of each student's tuition. You can put as much or as little time into it as you want. Put a banner up on your website, hand out literature at your weekly homeschool co-op meeting, or just tell your friends.

Partners By Grace Homeschooling Co-op

By choosing the homeschooling Co-op option, you'll either launch a co-op or start with an existing homeschool group. Then, you'll sign up your students to one of our existing academies. For each student that signs up, you'll receive a tuition share. Families receive a discounted tuition as well. You can start a school in a church basement, rented space, or have students complete their coursework in the comfort of their own homes.

Examples of Homeschooling Co-ops:

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Partners By Grace Virtual Online Home School

*The Partners by Grace Program has booked all available Virtual Online Homeschools. Please check back at a later time for new openings.*

The Virtual Online Homes chool is our most comprehensive partnership program. For a set up fee, we'll create a website for you that will have a look and feel of your choosing. You can create logos, develop branding, and customize to your heart's content. Then, you'll select from a list of services that we will provide for your homeschooling students.

Examples of Virtual Online Home Schools:

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