Elementary Homeschooling Curriculum

Welcome to The Grace Academy’s 2008-2009 Elementary Homeschool Course Catalog. From here you can view our entire homeschool course offering. These homeschool courses will teach your homeschooler the truth that comes from the Bible in all of our courses. After all, an education without Christ is an incomplete education.

Browse below to view an in-depth look at all of our homeschool courses, including all materials that you get upon enrollment, a summary of the material taught, and more. These are the suggested homeschool grade levels. Parents are free to enroll in homeschool courses at different grade levels to match the abilities of their homeschooler .

Grade K Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English K: Alphabet Adventures

Your homeschoolers will love learning and discovering the alphabet in Jubilee English K.

Victory Math K: Breakthrough Basics

Homeschool kids will be introduced to numbers and counting in Breakthrough Basics.

Discovering God's Creation Science K: God's Masterpiece

Our Kindergarten Science course will teach homeschool children all about God’s world around them.

Heritage Social Studies K: My Country, My Home

Young homeschool students will learn all about the American Spirit.

Living Word Bible K: Bible Building Blocks

The Bible is the ultimate textbook. Get your homeschooler off on the right foot with the Word of God.

In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music K: Discovering Your Gift

Young homeschoolers will love exploring the artistic and musical expression.

Grade 1 Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English 1: Phenomenal Phonics

Homeschoolers will learn how letters combine to make words in Phenomenal Phonics.

Victory Math 1: Essential Expertise

Homeschool students will look forward to math using our fascinating multimedia curriculum.

Discovering God's Creation Science 1: Building Blocks of Life

Learn how to study the world around you with Building Blocks of Life.

Heritage Social Studies 1: Our Friend, the Environment

Have a blast exploring the environment around us with Heritage Social Studies 1.

Living Word Bible 1: Faith Builders

Homeschoolers need to develop their faith at an early age.

Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 1: God's Healthy Children

Every homeschooler is fearfully and wonderfully made. Learn more about your body.

Grade 2 Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English 2: Wonderful Words

Homeschool students will develop their reading skills in Wonderful Words.

Victory Math 2: From Training to Triumph

Let your homeschooler build a solid foundation on the early math basics.

Discovering God's Creation Science 2: More than Meets the Eye

There’s more to God’s Creation than we can see with the naked eye.

Heritage Social Studies 2: American Wonders

Homeschoolers will love finding out more about the heritage of our great nation.

Living Word Bible 2: Building Christian Character

Grow closer to the Lord through our Living World Bible 2 homeschool course.

In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music 2: Expressing Your Joy

Learn how to show God just how much you love Him through art and music.

Grade 3 Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English 3: Sensational Stories

Dive deep into quality literature with Sensational Stories while developing your vocabulary and grammar skills.

Victory Math 3: Achievement With Arithmetic

Homeschoolers will love their math studies with our unique multimedia multiplication tables.

Discovering God's Creation Science 3: Life Cycles and Advances

Homeschoolers will love learning about photosynthesis, the water cycle, and other natural phenomena.

Heritage Social Studies 3: Beyond the Sea

Our world is full of many fascinating peoples, cultures, sights, and sounds.

Living Word Bible 3: Life of Christ

Homeschoolers will learn about the amazing character of Christ in this fascinating and inspiring homeschool course.

Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 3: Developing Healthy Habits

Start your young homeschool students on a path of healthy habits.

Grade 4 Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English 4: Creative Communication

Learn how to communicate your thoughts through your voice and the pen.

Victory Math 4: Progress and Proficiency

Continue learning about higher level elementary homeschool mathematics such as geometry and long division.

Discovering God's Creation Science 4: Our Natural Home

Learn about the scientific method so that you can conduct experiments in your homeschool laboratory.

Heritage Social Studies 4: Adventures Through History

Homeschoolers will learn about the heritage of the United States, from colonization to modern times.

Living Word Bible 4: Heroes of the Bible

From Abraham and David to Jesus and Paul, all of the Bible’s most famous heroes are here.

In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music 4: Conveying Your Creativity

Homeschool students will learn about more ways to glorify God through art.

Grade 5 Homeschooling Courses

Jubilee English 5: Grammar Galaxy

Continue building your mastery of the English language with the fifth grade homeschool course Grammar Galaxy

Victory Math 5: Victory With Variables

Get ready for Algebra by learning about the wide world of variables.

Discovering God's Creation Science 5: The Bigger Picture

Homeschoolers will learn about higher sciences like physics and chemistry at an introductory level.

Heritage Social Studies 5: Traveling Toward Cultural Awareness

We will focus on a variety of different peoples and cultures in Heritage Social Studies 5.

Living Word Bible 5: Living Your Faith

Homeschool students will learn how to apply Biblical principles to their everyday lives.

Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 5: Safe and Sound

Prepare your homeschooler for crisis situations and other emergencies with Safe and Sound.

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