*Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12: Forensics-Crime Scene Investigation*

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Discovering God's Creation Science
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2: *Discovering God's Creation Science 9-12: Forensics-Crime Scene Investigation*
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Welcome Homeschooling Forensic Scientists!

It is such an incredible feeling to know that today we are joined together across tens of thousands of miles to all experience this revolutionary way of learning. Although separated by massive distances, we have all gathered here together this morning to discover a whole new learning environment.

Many homeschooling students are joining us for the first time as the Academy has quadrupled its growth in recent months. Many, many of our homeschooling students are old timers and we are glad to have you back. We trust you will guide your newer homeschool classmates in The Academy rules and procedures.

We look forward to helping you and we pray that you will have an enjoyable and successful homeschool year with us!

In His Service,

The Science Team

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Goals & Objectives
What is DNA profiling? How does an investigator match a fingerprint? How are bullet casings used to solve crimes? Homeschoolers, explore the fascinating field of forensic science, using real case studies to highlight major areas of study. This homeschooling course provides a comprehensive view of crime scenes, from burglaries to murders.

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