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Heritage Social Studies
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Welcome to your American Government home education class! Our purpose is to educate and empower through faith in God. It will be a busy year, but it will be enjoyable as well and we cannot wait to begin working with you!

To begin your work in this online class, click on Week 1 under "Course Contents" on the left side of the page. Begin with Assignment 1.1. .1 represents Monday, .2 represents Tuesday, .3 represents Wednesday, and so on. One of the special things about this online homeschooling academy is that you can work at your own pace throughout the entire school year! Jubilee homeschooling students can do so by having their parents post a message on the Jubilee Message Board. Grace and MorningStar homeschooling students can send their Academic Counselor an email through the Message Center, or speak with their Academic Counselor live, using our Raise Your Hand feature. Either of these ways, we look forward to hearing from you. May the Lord bless us as we work together this year!

-The Social Studies Team

-The Social Studies Team

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Goals & Objectives
How does the United States interact with international powers? What is the purpose of the government during times of crisis? American Government teaches the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch, and how they interact. Homeschoolers explore how outside factors such as special interest groups and the media affect the government.

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