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Victory Math
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Below is a typical class announcement from the Academic Counselor of the homeschooling course.

Welcome to Victory Math 2: From Training to Triumph!

Welcome to a new year at The Academy! We feel blessed to be able to work with you this year. We have been very busy this summer getting all of the math homeschooling lessons ready for you and hopefully you are as excited as we are.

This home education course is organized into 36 chapters (weeks), which appear to the left of this announcement. Click on the title of each chapter to get to your homeschooling lessons for that week. Start with Chapter (Week) 1. This will bring up your 5 online homeschooling lessons for the week. To see an online lesson, click on its title. Be sure to check out the "Did you Know?" and "Let's Web It" sections for some fun and helpful math information.

Continue to check back here regularly for announcements with helpful information about this homeschooling course and other fun math related information. Let's ask for His guidance and blessings as we begin this new school year.

For His Glory,

The Elementary Math Team

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Goals & Objectives
Math 2 ensures the online homeschooling student's mastery of basic mathematical concepts, from counting to addition and subtraction. To do so, several interactive components and online learning activities have been added.

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