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Biography of Mimi Rothschild, The Grace Academy Co-Founder

Mimi Rothschild is the co-founder of Learning By Grace Homeschool Academies, a company dedicated to providing parents with innovative Christian online homeschooling curricula. Her path towards the homeschool world is long and winding and includes a variety of experiences. Each of these experiences served to solidify her knowledge of education and her passion for children's rights.

At the age of ten, Mimi Rothschild launched her lifelong career in children's rights advocacy by collecting money door to door for starving Biafran children. Although merely a child, inaction was not in Mimi Rothschild's vocabulary.

Upon graduating from college in 1979, Mimi Rothschild launched the Rothschild Doll Company, the mission of which was to provide an economic base to single mothers while simultaneously providing children with beautiful playthings. Countless Jamaican and Haitian women were provided with much-needed jobs through the Rothschild Doll Company.

In 1983, Mimi Rothschild's first child was born. She decided that "public schools were not healthy for children and other living things" to rephrase a turn of phrase used to describe the Vietnam War. She authored a manuscript during this time entitled Children at Risk after the government sponsored report called "Nation at Risk". Both reports illustrated that "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might have well as viewed it as an act of war."

Rothschild homeschooled several of her eight children throughout the 80s and 90s. From the beginning of her homeschooling experience, she was a pioneer in the homeschooling world. In 1987, Rothschild co-founded the Massachusetts Home Learning Association in the very office of famous homeschooling pioneer and author of Teach Your Own. This organization is still dedicated to serving homeschoolers throughout the state twenty years later.

She co-authored Cyberspace for Kids, an Internet guide for children with her daughter. Imagine how thrilling it must have been for her children when they saw their books on display at the local Borders bookstore. She would also go on to author Teen Resources on the Web: A Guide for Librarians, Parents and Teachers.

In the early 1990s, Mimi Rothschild launched a chain of children's clothing stores. These stores employed local homeschoolers. In addition to providing quality clothes through her stores, she was able to use the proceeds to ship gently-used clothing and excess inventory were shipped to orphanages in Guatemala and Russia.

In 1997, things changed for the Mimi Rothschild family in a way that she could have never predicted. Her son Andrew was tragically lost shortly after childbirth. Crushed, Mimi managed to channel her anguish into positive energy in the creation of the National Organization for Children. This non-profit advocacy group was dedicated to the promotion of health, education, and welfare of children. Shortly after the loss of her son, another of Mimi's children spent two years in a hospital bed, critically ill. Throughout this ordeal, Rothschild trusted in Christ to carry her child through this illness. During this two year period, she was able to develop close relationships with many other critically ill children. It was in this hospital that Rothschild began to formulate the creation of her current project.

Realizing that these children had no access to school, Mimi Rothschild purposed in her heart to find a way to give children like these educational solutions. She realized that with the power of the internet, a relatively new medium of communication, she could do just that. If these children couldn't make it to the classroom, she would bring the classroom to them.

So, Mimi Rothschild and her husband came together to launch Learning By Grace, Inc. a company that manages several online homeschooling options that bring quality Christian education to the masses. The courses offered by Learning By Grace homeschool academies use a multimedia presentation to engage the learner and bring out each child's natural curiosity.

Mimi Rothschild's homeschool experience and her husband technological experience combined to form The Grace Academy. Launched in 2003, The Grace Academy homeschool program provides Christian families with a cutting-edge homeschool curriculum at an affordable price.


Mimi Rothschild 4100, Suite 403 Philadelphia, PA 19127 215.487.3700

Mimi Rothchild's Curriculum Vitae


4100 Main Street - Suite 403 - Philadelphia, PA 19127 215.487.3700 -


27 years successful veteran providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in education, technology and manufacturing

Dear Jubilee Academy,

I want to say a big thank you and let you know that my family has greatly benefitted from utilizing your online program. It has been a tremendous blessing to us for the past 2 years and we look forward to having our second son begin your program in the upcoming months.

We began the process of homeschooling because we were unsatisfied with the amount of learning that our first son was getting while involved with the Headstart Program. My wife's ability to teach became evident, in that what she provided at home put our son ahead of what he was getting in Headstart's educational program. We looked at other Homeschooling Curriculums and we were even given a full curriculum for free from another homeschooler. Although it was free for us, it cost them a great deal of money and we felt a sense of obligation to explore the program and use it as much as we could. This was a short-lived experience.

We discovered that my wife's time was greatly spent in trying to organize lessons and keep records, but her passion was in teaching, being creative, and allowing our son (only one at the time) to explore ways of learning. We searched online and found your program. I can't even completely remember how we ended up with your program, as there were many to look at, but I truly believe that it had to be God.

I know that we were concerned with the record-keeping and we needed some direction in the lesson planning. Your program gave all of that and more. We would have been satisfied with just the online lessons, because we were prepared to buy reading materials and other supplemental learning materials to assist us. But, pleasantly surprising, your program provided those materials and more. It even provided software (CD's and DVD's)!

So, I could go on and on and on. Suffice it to say, my wife and I value education tremendously and we invested in our children's future (financially, spiritually, and with our time given to them). Your program gives us the commodity of time, because it helps us to be efficient. Thank you so much for developing this program and making it available for us and many other families. Your focus on Christ is evident, you are open to hearing feedback and acting upon it, and you provide sufficient materials for families to use. Although your program is a business and needs to survive by bringing in funds for future existence and growth, at the same time you have caring and professional people working for you on the front and back end. That part is not a necessity. That part is done because you care about the people that you are serving.

On that note, I want to thank you for sending your staff to the INCH Conference on May 2nd and 3rd, 2008. They were fantabulous (okay, yeah, that's not a real word, but you understand)! We were so happy to see the Jubilee Academy represented. When I saw the logo, I was like -Yes!- on the inside and I immediately went and spoke to them. Later, I told my wife to close her eyes and informed her that she had some old "new" friends to meet. I brought her over and introduced her and she was so happy! We told them about how much we love the program and how we even purchased a large screen TV and hooked up the computer to it, so that my oldest son, Marcas Jr., could do his Jubilee work!

In the upcoming year, we will be enrolling my younger son, Mitchell, into your program and we look forward to continued success and freedom to educate our children with your organized, Christ-focused curriculum. You have been, and are right now, an answer to our prayers. If there's anything I can do to further your progress, please let me know.

Marcas Bradley, MA, LPC, SCL, Ed.S.

Mimi Rothschild is pleased to introduce a free resource for online homeschoolers at According to Mimi Rothschild, "we are offering 12 free weeks of online lessons for the movie Prince Caspian". In addition to the educational material for homeschoolers on Caspian, the website also offers 12 weeks on The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe. Go to to sign up for this free homeschooling resource.

Mimi Rothschild, Founder of the Learning By Grace, Inc. Family of Academies has recently sponsored a child through Compassion International. While attending Creation East last week, I came across the Compassion table and was instantly drawn to a magnificent little girl from Rwanda named Izabrizia. Without looking at another child on the table, I knew she was the one our family was to sponsor." It is a great privilege to be able to help, even in a very tiny way, with the enormous plight of impoverished children. Compassion International is one of the world leaders in providing humanitarian aide to children.

Announcing Mimi Rothschild's New Blog Speaking The Truth in Love

Mimi Rothschild has finally decided to respond to some of the people who have posted untrue and malicious things about her and her work, specifically Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni in a new blog that can be found here:

Mimi has created a blog called Mimi Rothschild Speaking The Truth in Love to express her opinions about Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni's meanspirited and misleading statements. To read Mimi's thoughts about Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni who publish outlandish statements about Learning By Grace, Inc., The Grace Academy, The Jubilee Academy, The Southern Baptist Academy, The Narnia Academy and others, click here.

What is amazing to Mimi and all of us who love and support Mimi is that while Helen Hegener continues to spread lies, she is continuing to make money from Mimi's work from the ads she runs. On her brand new webpage called Mimi Rothschild Drama, Helen is running our advertisements!

For several years now Helen Hegener has published defamatory and untrue allegations that have no basis in fact or truth. Learning By Grace's lawyers have insisted that a federal action against Helen Hegener, Mark Hegener, John Hegener and all of the other people of Home Education Magazine, and the entities responsible for the misleading statements be filed. The lawyers feel we need to put an end to her unceasing and inaccurate posts. Instead of legal action against HomeEd Magazine and Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni, Mimi's position was "I really believed that if they would just communicate directly with me, I could solve whatever issues Helen has and she would see the truth and stop this". Sadly, Helen refuses to stop harassing Mimi and in fact, just today put up another website called Mimi Rothschild Drama.

Mimi is continuing to seek wise counsel on the most Biblical way to respond in addition to her new blog which can be found here

Mimi Rothschild said "While I believe wholeheartedly that God calls me to love my enemies, and I am truly trying to determine what that looks like in this circumstance, the damage that Helen Hegener and her reckless disregard for the truth has caused me and my colleagues is staggering and necessitates some sort of public response."

Anyone who works with Mimi knows that she is deeply hurt by false allegations. She works oftentime 7 days a week, 18 hour days to serve the families in her Christian online homeschooling programs. If anyone has had a less than positive experience with any of the organizations she is involved with, please email her directly at so that she can address your concerns.

he following are a sample of the many emails Mimi Rothschild and learning By Grace recieve each week about the sucess of Mimi Rothschild's Christian online homeschooling programs

Hi from North Carolina,

We leap at any opportunity to tell folks here about MorningStar!!

Horror stories about the public school system continue as we give our daughter the best education we could have ever hoped for in our home with MorningStar. As we've told anyone we speak to at your school, or at church, we've never been met with more encouragement and kindness as we've experienced with you.

Our daughter has always been very active in our church here, and MorningStar is simply the icing on the cake! She gets a challenging, quality education that is Christ-based, and we get to help in her studies. Most important to us is the fact that we get our Real daughter back! In public school, she would come home broodful, mainly because of the way teachers are simply throwing work at the students, never taking time to help, or explain in detail any questions these poor students had. What we got in return can only be described as miraculous. Her grades escalated, although she had to take a bit more time in her studies. Her attitude in general became sparkling. She has shown more confidence in everyday activities, especially in church, where she now sings in the choir.

This was only supposed to be a few words, so please know we are very blessed, and grateful to have our child recieving her education with you folks. Please share this with Ms. Houser, and anyone you wish, we love you all. Our prayers are for you people, and for more students and families to find you, and be blessed as we are.

In Christ,

John, Elaine, and Patricia Price

"I am grateful for the Jubilee Academy! I have a child with a learning difference called dyslexia. The interactive multimedia curriculum has been the perfect fit for us. It gives me the lessons plans, organization, and structure that I need while providing lessons that are fun and hands on for my children.

I especially love the fact that they cater to different types of learning styles by providing games, DVD movies, ebooks, and places for them to respond to the lessons taught. As a parent with a child who struggles with visual learning styles, I was so excited with the lessons that are offered at Jubilee Academy.

We have been blessed by our time with this academy and look forward to years to come!"


Frances Worthington


I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support! I'm so grateful for the wonderful education that Kelsey has receive at MorningStar! We were at the University of Texas in May for a visit and as you know TSU yesterday and both admissions counselors said that homeschooled kids were more mature and self disciplined and usually ahead academically! I just can't say enough great things about MorningStar. People always say well what about socialization? Well I'm here to tell you that Kelsey has better manners and can fit into any social situation. She can converse with kids as well as adults of all ages. Our friends will testify to that! She is also respectful of others and you don't find that much anymore!! MorningStar has been a Godsend! I will keep you posted as to where Kelsey decides to further her education!

Holly Warner


You reflect the noble character of Christ virtues; THANK YOU for making the difference when help was, indeed, needed most!

Peter Petrix

Student: Caroline Petrix

Hi Laura,

I want you to know that I have been recommending The Morningstar Academy and the Grace Academies to everyone. I have 2 girls, Victoria and Alexandra that play junior golf and with the time and dedication it takes to be competitive, traditional school is not a good option. I'll be happy to elaborate on what I've shared with others and would encourage you to look to expand your marketing to golf websites and as well the junior golf tours. Many parents don't know about this option. They think it's IMG in Bradenton, Florida if you want to help your child achieve greatness in sports, but we chose your academy and our own program for training and competing. It's worked well.

I'm on the way to an appointment right now, but thought I'd shoot this over to you.

Enjoy your day!

God Bless!!!

Shawn Kiser

Dear Grace Academy, as we leave you we want to thank you and all your wonderful teachers. I especially liked the math curriculum. It was definately easy to learn from. Your whole product is so user friendly, I will certainly continue to promote you to all my friends and anyone that ask.


Rudy Ladicani I

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